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Fidesdetectives is among the first  investigative agencies  founded in Italy
Tradition, maximum discretion and professionalism  Private and Corporate  Investigations  Criminal defence investigations    Security  Telephone and environmental debugging.

We work  throughout Italy and abroad.

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Private investigator in Milan since  1948Fides Detectives Investigazioni Private - Sede in Milano via B. Cellini, 3



Fides Detectives is the investigative sector of the company ORGANIZZAZIONE FIDES s.r.l based in Milan.

FIDES DETECTIVES was founded by the well-known detective PIETRO DAVIDE TAVAZZI who has directed its development with passion for over forty years, taking care of the professional training of young investigators and selecting the the best experts in the various fields of investigation. In 1957 TAVAZZI was co- founder of the first italian Federation of Private Police Institutes. For many years he was chairman of Italian and European associations.


FIDES DETECTIVES has been directed since 1991 by ELISABETTA TAVAZZI , twenty years of investigative activity alongside her father, a degree in jurisprudence obtained in 1982, a master’s degree in “computer forensics” and a post-university training in “handwriting analisys and forensic document examination”. She is also “life member” of W.A.D. World Association of Detectives.

The team of collaborators is formed by experienced professionals able to offer the best guarantees of reliability and confidentiality . The continuous updating of the technical equipment makes it possible to properly document the results of the investigations carried out.


To combine specific skills in the various fields of investigation. to defend the rights and interests of the customer (from the private person to the big Corporation) in order to protect their assets, health, know-how, reputation and image.


FIDES DETECTIVES assists the client from the free preliminary examination of the specific case, to the testimony in judgment on the results of the investigations, if needed. It provides targeted action throughout Italy and abroad, thanks to the personal relationships built over the years with colleagues and similar organizations in various countries.


FIDES DETECTIVES takes every precaution to ensure the privacy of the customer and the data provided by him, adapts the security measures for their protection and communicates to investigators, collaborators and consultants only the data strictly necessary and pertaining to the collaboration requested from them.


FIDES DETECTIVES indicates, in the written mandate preceding the start of each investigation, the purpose and the right to be defended /established, the reasonable deadline for concluding the investigation and the “expenditure ceiling” not to be exceeded without the informed and explicit consent of the client, who shall be kept up to date on the results of investigations.
Main activity sectors:

  Private Investigations

  • Matrimonial investigations
  • Investigations for alimony adjustments
  • Property investigations
  • Credit Recovery Investigations
  • Teenager surveillance
  • Missing person investigations
  • anti-stalking investigations
  • harassment, blackmail fraud investigations
  • Criminal defense investigations

Corporate Investigations

  • Due diligence
  • Credit Recovery Investigations
  • Employee Check
  • Investigations into unfair competition
  • Counterintelligence and Industrial Anti-sabotage
  • Protection of Trademarks and patents
  • Telephone and environmental debugging
  • Criminal defense investigations
  • Consultancy and Assistance

Investigations for Professionals

  • Property investigations
  • Credit Recovery Investigations
  • Heirs and inheritance tracing
  • Telephone and environmental debugging
  • Criminal defense investigations
  • Consultancy and Assistance
  • Digital forensics
  • Analyzing and Data recovery
  • Handwriting Analysis, ink analysis